How do I Choose the Best Yoga Classes?

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To choose the best yoga classes, you should take into consideration your personal fitness goals, your body structure and physical makeup. Also look into the various types of yoga classes available and the credentials of the instructor. Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that aims to integrate the body and mind. It remains a highly popular form of exercise and classes are taught around the globe. Instruction is offered on a variety of levels, from basic beginner lessons to advanced techniques for experienced practitioners.

Before signing up for yoga classes, you'll first want to determine your fitness goals and the reasons you want to learn yoga. While many people practice yoga as a form of physical exercise, others embrace and appreciate its more meditative aspects; yoga, more than any other form of physical fitness, employs the well-being of the mind just as much as the well-being of the body. You want to consider your own personal feelings about the practice. For example, you may want to do yoga to lose weight, or you may only want to practice it for better relaxation and sleep; you might also want to integrate these two elements. Deciding on these factors will help you choose the right yoga fitness class to meet your needs.


Your body structure and physical composition play an important role in yoga. Similarly, any physical limitations you may have can help you decide what type of yoga class is best. There are several different schools of yoga, and they possess varying levels of intensity. Some forms focus strictly on the physical workout, others principally on the mind-body connection, and still others that marry both these schools of practice.

The requirements and demands of your body will aid you in choosing the right class. Pay attention to your body's necessities, those little aches and pains, and where, when, and how you are most comfortable. These will point you in the direction of the appropriate yoga classes.

The number of yoga types available is ever-growing. You have a veritable yoga buffet from which to pick and choose the one type that fits you best. Time-honored yoga schools include hatha, which is slow, gentle, and ideal for beginners; the breath-coordinating vinyasa; and ashtanga, which is far more intensive. More contemporary styles of yoga include Bikram, performed in a room set at a high temperature; Iyengar, which focuses on the proper alignment of the body; and Kripalu, which places importance on healing, growth, and meditation.

Most regions require yoga instructors to be certified by a legally-recognized licensing body. Yoga studios are generally happy to share this information. A quick phone call can help you find a qualified instructor and put you on your way to the yoga mat.



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