How do I Choose the Best Weight Training Program?

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Weight training is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for many people. Despite this, some are intimidated by the idea because it is out of their comfort zone. Choosing the weight training program that fits the lifestyle and fitness level of the individual involved is important. If the right routine is chosen, the person is more likely to stick with the plan, and enjoy the positive effects, which can include increased strength and metabolism.

Deciding between working out at home or at a gym is the typical first step in choosing a weight training program. This if often because the equipment available has an enormous impact of what program a person follows. Affordable home weight training equipment is widely available for those who either do not have time to go to a gym, or feel more comfortable at home. If a home gym is the decision, the user should research techniques and exercises that help him achieve his fitness goals.

Beginning a weight training program at a local gym also has its advantages. If this is the route that is chosen, there will most likely be a variety of weights and machines available for use that can help people to implement a training routine. Also, there is usually a staff available that can demonstrate the proper way to use the weights and machines. This is important to produce desired results and avoid injury.


Once the location is selected, individuals must assess their current fitness levels. This is because the weight training program that is best must be in line with his current abilities. For example, a weight training program for someone who has an athletic background, and who exercises daily, is different than that of someone who never exercises, or has never participated in sports of any kind.

Age also plays a role in choosing the best weight training program. This is because, after the age of 27, people lose about a pound of muscle each year. This translates to less strength for someone who is not weight training regularly. Therefore, someone who is 40 will start at a different level than a 20 year-old.

Another factor in deciding on a weight training program is sex. Many women cite weight loss as a goal of working out. Since muscle is added through a weight-lifting, it causes an increase in metabolism which aids in weight loss. Although some think that women should not weight-train because it can add bulk, the opposite is actually true. This form of exercise is also very beneficial to women, who are prone to issues with adequate bone density, because it helps increase this density and prevent osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

For a weight training program to be effective, the muscles being used have to be worked to exhaustion. This causes tiny tears in the muscle, which leads to their growth. For those who are trying to achieve a substantial increase in bulk, a program using high weights and low repetitions is generally best. conversely, people looking to simply tone muscle should perform increased repetitions with lighter weights.



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