How do I Choose the Best Weight Training Program for Women?

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The best weight training program for women focuses on building muscle and burning fat while strengthening bones and toning areas of the body. This means that a regular workout will include a significant amount of strength training — in other words, be prepared to lift weights. A weight training program includes strength training in the weight room because muscle tends to burn more calories than fat does, so the idea is to build muscle that will in turn burn fat and tone the body. When choosing the best weight training program for women, remember that higher reps with less weight will help you burn fat long after your workout is over.

Look for a program that will work best for you. If you know that you can only make it to the gym two to three times a week at most, do not choose a workout that will require a trip to the gym every day. Be sure to choose a program that targets trouble areas on your body: if your abs need work, research exercises that will help build strength and tone in that area. If your upper body is weak and lacking tone, a shoulder-arm workout might be perfect for you. Remember that consistency is important, so an effective weight training program will include at least three sessions of weight lifting per week.


Be sure to choose a weight training program for women that encourages muscle development and bone strength. Women are at a high risk for osteoporosis, which occurs when bone mass is lost due to a lack of calcium. Strength training and diet can help build bone strength, and lifting weights can build muscle that will in turn burn fat. Aerobic workouts, such as running or cycling, are good ways to mix up the strength training. Such workouts help boost metabolism and should be a part of any exercise program.

When considering different strength training options, choose a program that discourages plateaus and constantly encourages you to step up to the next level. Lifting weights in only one certain weight range or for only a certain number of repetitions is fine for a short period of time, but after several weeks, the workout should call for increases in repetitions and weight. This gets the body used to pushing beyond its normal capabilities and essentially stagnating.



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