How do I Choose the Best Wall-Hung Vanity?

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If you have a small bathroom or a half bath, installing a wall-hung vanity may free up needed floor space and even make the area feel larger. A wall-hung vanity may offer different styles and combinations, including matching medicine cabinets, double mirrors and various lighting options. Often these items are petite and will fit into even a corner of smaller bathrooms. They may be available in an assortment of solid woods or veneers and come with either clear, glass-bowl basins or traditional porcelain style basins.

Since this kind of vanity is attached to the wall, it almost seems to float and gives the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. A wall-hung vanity also tends to lend an upscale, modern atmosphere to almost any bathroom. You can choose a single or double vanity, depending on how much wall space you have to work with. There are even wall mounted faucets to complement whichever vanity you decide on.

A wall-hung vanity may also be a practical choice if you have young children. Since this kind of vanity can be attached to almost any location on the wall, it can be put at a height where children can easily reach it. It also may add storage space for children’s bath toys, bubble bath and towels, which can be stowed away in the drawers. Step stools may fit perfectly underneath the vanity, resulting in a less cluttered bathroom and allowing easy access for toddlers.


When deciding which style of vanity you are going to install, you may want to consider the décor in your current bathroom. If you prefer round curves to square edges, you may decide to go with one of the circular units, featuring antique-style chrome fixtures and doors that pivot to reveal storage space inside. If a classic look is what you are after, there are several upscale versions of this kind of vanity, featuring clear, glass-bowl basins, blown-glass basins, and shiny, porcelain countertop basins. There are also several lighting options available with a wall-hung vanity, which may be a welcome addition to the existing fixtures in your bathroom.

This kind of bathroom vanity may offer a matching medicine cabinet with elegant mirrors that either open out or slide open. The cabinet may be either single-style or double-sided, offering mirror space for two. A wall-hung vanity may also include drawers that are oversized and glide out effortlessly, in either solid wood or veneers, in colors of red oak, burnt espresso or light oak.



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