How Do I Choose the Best Corner Basin?

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The best corner basin will be the correct size, type, and color, and will fit into your budget. There are many things to consider when you choose a corner basin, such as material, fixtures, and surrounding decor, and the best one will meet your specific needs. You can find corner basins through home improvement stores, boutique fixture shops, online, and in catalogs.

Before shopping for your corner basin, measure the depth, width, and allowable height of the space for the basin. There are different sizes of corner basins. If yours does not meet a standard size, you may have to custom order it. Make sure that the vanity can accommodate the size of the basin so that it will be the correct height after installation. A vanity that is too tall or too short will make the sink difficult to use.

Stone, ceramic, acrylic, and laminates are commonly used to make corner basins. Budget usually plays a major role in determining what type of material you chose. Typically, stone basins are the most expensive and require special routine maintenance, however, they give the washroom a high end, attractive style. Acrylic and laminates are very functional and come in a wide variety of colors. There are also the most affordable and, aside from regular cleaning, maintenance free.


The color of the basin should be determined by the surrounding decor of the room. A neutral color that blends with the floor and wall color is a safe choice. To make a bolder statement and add visual interest to the space, choose a contrasting accent color for the basin. It may be a different hue or a darker shade of the dominant color of the bathroom.

Decide whether you want a single hole fixture or a multiple hole fixture. Some corner basins are not available in both styles. Often, individuals opt for a single hole fixture since it is the most space efficient design. Regardless of which you choose, make sure the basin has the correct number of drilled holes.

If possible, see the basin before you purchase it. Many home improvement stores have displays set up complete with fixtures. This gives you the chance to visualize how the corner basin will look in your washroom. Take the plumbing fixtures with you to ensure that the drilled holes fit.

If you must special order the basin or purchase through a catalog or online, make sure that the return policy is flexible and fair. Keep in mind that you will need at least a 30 day return window, as this often starts on the day the product is ordered. Always insure the item before you send it back, just in case it is damaged in transit.



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