How do I Choose the Best Vision Care Plan?

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Choosing a vision care plan is important, especially if you wear glasses or contacts. With so many options for what plan to choose and pricing options, it can be overwhelming to choose one that is perfect for you. With a little research and careful consideration, you can purchase the one that works with your lifestyle and, if applicable, that of your family as well.

While many are aware of the typical vision benefits plan, some may not be aware of the discount plan option. The benefits plan allows you discounts, usually by a percentage amount, off the cost of certain procedures. The benefits plan also may have restrictions, such as how many times a procedure can be done in a year. A discount plan usually offers a certain dollar amount off certain procedures and you pay the remainder of the cost during each of your visits. There are usually restrictions on how often a specific procedure can be done in certain period.

Before you call around for pricing information, you should make a list of basic information, such as vision history in addition to an estimate of how many times you visit the eye doctor in a given year. This can help you narrow whether the benefits or discount vision care plan is your best option.


If keeping your same eye doctor is important to you, then you may want to consider asking the office staff members which vision care plan they recommend for your specific needs. If they prefer to give you a list, the office can provide you with the names of the benefit and discount plans they accept and may even be able to call the companies for you to find out which plans you qualify for.

When you call around asking for vision care plan information, keep a paper and pen handy so you can jot down the information. Having it all out in front of you can help you compare the prices and can show you which company will give you the best vision care plan for your money.

Consider the pricing information you received. While you do want to save money, the lowest price may not be the best option. While it may have the cheapest price, it may not work well with the type of care you need. Compare your needs to the list of what each vision care plan offers.

Choosing the best vision plan may take some hard work, but it is something that can be quite beneficial in terms of getting the proper care and saving yourself money. It is vital to carefully review all the information you have. Trusting your gut can help immensely when choosing a plan.



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