How do I Become a Vision Care Associate?

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The process to become a vision care associate is a combination of education and work experience. This role is part of the health services team and requires specialized training in eye care, anatomy and common diseases of the eye. Vision care associates find employment opportunities in optometrist offices, long-term health care facilities and in allied health centers. Additional opportunities may be available in eye treatment centers, where a range of specialized medical professionals work together to address issues with eye health.

The training program to become a vision care associate is typically a 12- to 18-month program from a community or career college. In order to qualify for admissions, candidates must have graduated from high school with courses in biology and English. It is important to note that the courses required for this program are often transferable to other eye care programs, such as optometrist technologist or ophthalmologist assistant.

Experience is an important consideration for anyone looking to become a vision care associate. The ability to work closely with a wide range of personalities, excellent interpersonal skills and a calm manner are all very important in this role. Most people obtain work experience through a job placement or cooperative portion of the training program.


Related work experience includes working in customer service and volunteering to work with senior citizens or the visually impaired. Administrative experience is also very important in this role, as many of the tasks required are administrative in nature. Computer software use, written communication, and accurate data entry are skills that can be developed on the job, or through training programs.

After completing the training program, the next step to become a vision care associate is to secure a position. Look for job postings at your local community college, in the newspaper, and online job sites. Many people find out about job opportunities through networking. Keep in touch with your instructors and fellow students. They may hear about an opportunity or can provide your name as a potential employee to optometrists looking for a vision care associate.

Interviews are a common way for potential employers to meet qualified candidates. During the interview process, the employer has a set of questions designed to add more detail to the resume and cover letter submitted in response to the job posting. Prepare for the interview by thinking about your strengths, weaknesses and what talents you bring to the job. Take the time to learn about the potential employer by reviewing their website before the interview.



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