How Do I Choose the Best Virtual Office Software?

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When choosing virtual office software you should consider the nature of your business and the tasks you need to perform on a daily basis. If you work alone, you will need a few basics, such as e-mail software, word processing software, database software, virus protection, and a utility program. If you work in a team environment or need to communicate with employees you may need to look for additional features, such as instant messaging and central file storage.

A good e-mail program is an important application to look for when purchasing virtual office software. Some Internet service providers (ISPs) provide an e-mail program, but a stand-alone mail program may be better. This is especially true if you need extra features such as sending automated replies. Most e-mail programs can be downloaded for free or come as part of the operating system.

Virtual office software should include a word processing program. There are quite a few options to choose from. Some word processing programs can be downloaded as part of a freeware package, so a good word processing program does not have to be expensive. Some operating systems include very basic word processing programs, but if you run a business, you may need something with additional features.


If you are in an industry where you need access to information quickly or where you need to organize and store large amounts of data, then a database program should form a part of your virtual office software. Some business owners set up lists to use for marketing purposes, and database software makes this easy. Database programs can be purchased as a part of a software package or can be downloaded as freeware.

Virus protection is another important aspect of running a virtual office. If you need to keep your data secure, then you should invest in a good virus protection program. Virus protection programs can also feature built-in firewalls that give added protection. If you send files back and forth or use e-mail, then you should invest in virus protection.

Utility programs can optimize your computer's performance and should be considered when investing in virtual office software. A good utility program will make it easy to start performance-related tasks such as cleaning up the registry, removing temporary files, and deleting cookies. This type of software can be purchased as a stand-alone application or can be downloaded as freeware.

If you work with a team or have virtual employees you should acquire an instant messenger program as part of your virtual office setup. This is a very important feature when you need to be in constant contact with a member of your team because messages can be exchanged in real time. A program such as this also saves on telephone calls since most instant messengers offer the option of voice chat. Group conferencing can also be done using instant messenger programs.

Central file storage is very important when working as part of a team, especially if each member is working from a different location. Files can be stored online, providing easy access to important information. This not only saves time but enables each user to work from anywhere as long as he or she has access to the database. Software as a service (SaaS) applications often have this feature, allowing users to access the software using their Internet connection.



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Choosing the right software for your virtual office can help you increase your productivity and expand your business! In office we use Time Doctor software as a solution to create our virtual office. Using this software you can be sure that your team members will work just as if you had a real office.

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