How Do I Choose the Best Used Recumbent Bike?

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Purchasing a used recumbent bike can be a much less expensive but equally rewarding experience as buying a brand new bike, as long as the used bike is in good condition. As with buying new bikes, there are several considerations to note before purchasing a used recumbent bike. The size, features, and storage capability will make a huge difference as to whether a particular bike will suit your needs.

Make sure the bike is a comfortable fit for your body type. The chair should be cushioned and large enough that you will be comfortable sitting in it for at least an hour, depending on how long you eventually plan to be able to exercise using the bike. Test out the seat adjustments, and make sure you can properly reach the pedals without being too cramped. If you have especially long or short legs, you will have to pay close attention to the pedal distance so you do not end up with an uncomfortable bike. When testing out a used recumbent bike, check if all of the adjustments, pins, and bolts are secure and undamaged.


Another very important thing to consider is the type of used recumbent bike you would like to have. There are folding models for homes with small storage spaces, compact bikes, and full sized bikes. Folding bikes can potentially take up little ground space and are ideal for storage in a closet or corner of a room. Recumbent bikes will naturally be positioned so that your legs will be more horizontal than vertical, but different bikes have varying angles, some of which may be more comfortable for you than others.

It is important that you check and make sure the used recumbent bike is in proper working order before you purchase it. If you are mechanically handy, you can examine it for yourself, or you can ask the seller if it is acceptable for you to have the bike taken to a bicycle repair shop and evaluated. This includes checking not only the mechanical workings of the bike, but the electronic components as well, which could have an effect on how well features such as the timer, programs, and distance counter work. If you plan to resell the bike, also check for external cosmetic damage that might affect how much a customer is willing to pay for the bike.



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