How Do I Choose the Best Recumbent Bike/Rower?

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To choose a good conversion recumbent bike/rower, compare prices and features such as electronic monitors and resistance levels. Go online and read reviews for any particular model you consider purchasing. You should also consider the size of the machine and if it will be a good fit for the area you have chosen to keep it. If space is limited, consider getting a folding recumbent bike/rower that can be easily stored away when not in use. A bike with wheels will offer easy portability for transport.

If you are serious about your exercise program, you may wish to consider a recumbent bike with a display that shows calories burned and heart rate. A built-in heart rate monitor is convenient for those who want to reach the recommended heart rate goals based age and fitness levels. These electronic monitors are battery powered and attach to the front of the recumbent bike/rower for easy viewing. Most will also display the speed and distance as well.


For a recumbent bike/rower to be an effective piece of exercise equipment, it needs to function as a cardio workout machine as well as strength and resistance exerciser. Consider if the machine offers the conversion from cycling to rowing easily, or if some effort will be needed. Most equipment will allow the user to switch between modes by moving a pin. A smooth transition will enable you to benefit from a complete cardio and strength training workout without losing time on making the conversion.

There are many other features your recumbent bike/rower should offer, such as variable resistance levels. This is important if you are a beginner, because you will want to start off with the lowest level of resistance and increase the intensity of your workout gradually as you progress. The resistance should be adjustable by a simple turn of a knob for the easiest operation. The rower should feature a ball bearing mechanism, as this will enable a smooth glide. Look for the rails to be constructed of high-grade aluminum with the frame made of steel.

The seat of your recumbent bike should offer comfortable padding, so try it out if possible. If it isn't large enough or there isn't enough cushion or support, you may not want to use it regularly. The back of the seat should offer adequate lumbar support, as this is important to avoid back strain or possible injury. Look for foot pedal straps with Velcro® fasteners as these are easily adjustable.



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Post 3

Those who are looking for a recumbent bike or rower that multiple family members can use should make sure that there is a wide range of resistance options.

Both my wife and I use the recumbent bike but she does not need a lot of resistance whereas I do. I'm so glad we bought a bike that has a great deal of options in term of resistance. This way, both of us can use it for a good workout.

Post 2

@discographer-- We have a folding recumbent bike and it's very easy to fold and unfold. We've never had a problem with it. When there are guests coming over, we fold it and put it in the other room to make more space in the living room. The bike is very durable but also easy to move around.

Of course, there are different folding recumbent bikes out there and some are not as good as others. So before you invest in one, make sure to read customer reviews of the specific brand and bike. If customers say that it's easy to fold and durable, then that's a good bike to own.

Post 1

Are folding recumbent bikes as durable as the non-durable ones? And is it easy to fold and unfold them?

It would be great to have a recumbent bike that's easy to store, but I don't want something flimsy or difficult to manage either.

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