How Do I Choose the Best Used Convection Oven?

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When looking to purchase a used convection oven there are several factors to consider. Cost, available features, age, and size of the model are all things to evaluate. The general appearance of the unit and how well it seems to have been cared for are also criteria to look at, and an oven that comes with a return policy or some sort of warranty is a plus.

Buying a used convection oven is a good way to purchase this appliance at what might be a fraction of the retail cost of a new model. Researching the cost of new convection ovens will provide you with an idea of what they cost when new. You can then compare the cost of new models with the asking price of the used model and determine whether it is a good buy. In addition to researching prices, look for certain features that are available on convection ovens so that you know what features you would like in the used ovens you are looking at. Some models are dual units and combine the functions of a toaster oven or microwave with those of a convection oven.

The size and age of the used convection oven should also play a part in determining which is the best to buy. An older model might have out-dated features or be lacking in the features you are looking for, like a rotisserie or warming tray. It might also be larger and take up a lot of counter space where a newer model might be more compact and sleeker.

One of the most important things to look for when shopping for a used convection oven is overall appearance. Look for an oven that is clean and seems to have been well cared for. Avoid ovens with visible signs of damage, such as rust, dents, cracks, or missing pieces. Check to see if any needed parts, like the control knobs and interior shelf racks, are included and in good working condition. Ask about additional accessories, such as pans used for baking, broiling, or pizza.

A used convection oven can sometimes be found at a yard sale, a consignment shop, or a thrift store. Online auction sites and Internet classified groups may also have listings for used appliances, including convection ovens. Usually, when buying a used item, you are buying it "as is," and there is no return policy or warranty available. You should, however, be able to make sure that the unit works once you get it home. If purchasing from a retail establishment, ask for a warranty either from the store itself or from the manufacturer.


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