How Do I Choose the Best Small Convection Oven?

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Using a small convection oven to prepare meals can help you do so faster while using less energy than a conventional oven. Before you make a purchase, it is helpful to measure your counter space so you will know which size to buy. At the retailer, inspect the interior of different convection ovens in order to find out what type of fans and elements each has. Think about whether you would like special features, such as an interior light or self-cleaning mechanism as well as if the tabletop oven is powered by gas or electricity.

You can buy a portable convection oven in many sizes. In order to make sure you don't get one that is too big for your space, it is helpful to measure the counter where you will be placing it. While you are doing so, take note of whether other items are in the way that might prevent you from opening the door of this appliance.

When you are looking at a small convection oven, it is helpful to pay attention to how it is made. Watch for things like a door that sticks or is difficult to open. You might also want to look at the elements to see if they are evenly placed, as this will help ensure your food is heated thoroughly.


The small convection oven fan could be either dome or flange. Dome fans are typically recommended over flange fans because they tend to heat food more evenly. A tabletop convection oven with a flange fan might leave food cold in some spots, therefore requiring a longer cooking time. Checking with a sales representative or reading the owner's manual should provide information about the fan so you can ensure you are buying a dome rather than a flange fan.

Small convection ovens are either round or rectangular. A round model may look much like a large bowl that has a control panel protruding from the lid. One that is rectangular may look much like a toaster oven. The type of tabletop convection oven you choose can largely depend on your kitchen decor and personal preference.

You can buy a small convection oven that has many features. If you plan to use this oven frequently, you may want to buy one that is self-cleaning. One with an interior light can be a good idea as well. You should also check to see if the equipment is powered by electricity or gas, as choosing the wrong type could result in being unable to use the convection oven.



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