How Do I Choose the Best Used Bed Frame?

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While buying a used bed frame can save you some money, and may allow you to buy a high-end bed frame at a low-end price, buying used can be a risky proposition. The most important step when choosing a used bed frame is ensuring the unit has never been exposed to bed bugs; these small pests can be hazardous to your health, and they can infest crevices in wood and metal frames alike. This means you will essentially transport bed bugs into your home, and eliminating these pests can be extremely difficult. Be sure to research the steps you can take to examine a frame for bed bugs.

If you feel confident the bed is free from bed bugs, you will need to take other considerations into mind when choosing a used bed frame. First and foremost, it is important to choose the right size. This can be dependent on a mattress you already own, or one you intend to purchase. A queen size mattress, for example, is designed to be used only with a queen size bed frame. You will also need to consider whether you intend to use a box spring. If you do not use a box spring, you will need to choose a platform used bed frame that will support the mattress and keep it flat and straight.


Consider the types of materials used to make the used bed frame as well. Steel and various types of woods are the most common options, though iron beds are also available, as are aluminum frames. When choosing a wooden used bed frame, it is a good idea to be able to recognize the difference between hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwoods tend to be exceptionally strong, beautiful, and heavy, but also quite expensive. Softwoods are generally lighter and less expensive, but they can be more susceptible to damage such as warping, cracking, splitting, or even rotting.

It will be necessary to do a careful inspection of the used bed frame, not only to spot the presence of bed bugs, but also to discover any potential damage to the frame. If the frame is a collapsible unit, make sure it includes all the necessary components for successful construction of the frame. Casters or sliders should be placed around the base of the bed on collapsible steel frames; look at the feet of wood beds to spot any damage such as splitting or cracking that can compromise the strength of the unit.



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