How Do I Choose the Best Single Bed Frame?

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Depending upon the type of mattress you have, there are various styles of bed frames that may work well. For a bed that does not require a box spring, you may choose a slatted wood frame. When buying a single bed frame, it's important to choose something that will support the weight of your mattress. A bed frame that is made with six legs, including two for center support, is best. In addition, you may prefer a single bed frame that includes headboard brackets.

For practicality and attractiveness, choose a single bed frame that includes a headboard. If you prefer, choose a matching dresser and nightstand as a set. A single bed frame without headboard may save money, however, and should be sufficient for a young child's room.

Your single bed frame should include two locking rollers in the center. This will prevent the bed from rolling freely. The other four rollers should be on caster wheels, making it easy to move for vacuuming underneath. If you buy a metal single bed frame, choose something with powder coating. A powder coated metal bed frame may be resistant to scratches and dings.


As an alternative to a traditional metal bed frame, consider a platform bed frame to coordinate with your bedroom furniture. Platform beds frames are typically constructed of wood. If you choose this style, be sure the bed frame dimensions are the right size for your single bed. In addition, choose a sturdy wood for the bed frame, such as teak or acacia.

If you need a single bed frame for an air mattress, choose something low profile. For portability, look for a bed frame that folds and may be stored when not in use. This type of frame should be equipped with an enclosure to keep your air mattress secured. You should be able to find this style in sporting goods stores that sell camping equipment.

Some platform-style bed frames are made with a storage compartment. Alternately, some wooden bed frames have drawers on the side. This can be a good option when closet or storage space is limited.

Whether you choose a traditional metal or wood platform bed frame, assembly may be necessary. Some furniture stores offer free set up when purchasing a mattress or bedroom set, but this is not always an option. If you must assemble the bed frame yourself, choose something with easy assembly. In addition, be sure your single bed frame includes a manufacturer's warranty.



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