How Do I Choose the Best Twin Bed Frame?

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A twin bed is usually appropriate for children or for smaller adults, as it is the narrowest size available in most retail establishments. The bed mattress must be placed on a twin bed frame to keep it off the ground and safe from various types of damage. Choosing the best twin bed frame starts with determining your budgets and overall needs. The simplest type of frame is a collapsible steel unit, and this type of frame will generally be the least expensive option. If you want something that's more aesthetically pleasing, however, you should be prepared to spend a bit more.

The collapsible steel twin bed frame will be relatively durable and very affordable, though it is hardly the most attractive option and may not be the most stable. Such frames usually come with casters, or small wheels, that make moving the frame very easy. These casters can usually be locked when the twin bed frame is moved into place, but the casters can also do damage to hardwood floors. Some steel frames will not come with casters, but will instead feature plastic feet. These will be better for hardwood floors, but it may be more difficult to move the bed.


If you have a bit more money to spend and want something more aesthetically pleasing, you can choose between wood frames and higher-end steel or even iron frames. A wood twin bed frame can be made from a wide variety of different woods; hardwoods will be more expensive because they tend to be naturally durable and beautiful. Softwoods are more susceptible to damage, but they are also far less expensive. Hardwoods are generally a better investment, as they will last a long time and won't usually go out of style, though softwoods are perfectly acceptable if the wood is protected or otherwise finished to resist various types of damage.

You can also choose between platform bed frames and frames designed to accommodate mattresses and box springs. The platform twin bed frame does not require the use of a box spring, and it will generally sit lower to the ground. Other frames require a box spring to support the mattress and keep it from sagging, and the bed is likely to sit higher off the ground. Other frame considerations include storage space and hide-a-bed options. Some frames will feature pull-out drawers in which clothing or blankets can be stored; others will feature a second mattress on a frame that can be slid out and popped up to accommodate guests.



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