How Do I Choose the Best Extra Long Twin Bed?

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Extra long twin beds tend to be about as wide as typical twin beds, but they are usually about 5 inches (12.7 cm) longer. These types of beds are often used by adults and teens who only have enough space in their room for a narrow bed but need a little more room to stretch out lengthwise when they sleep. Steps to take in choosing the best extra long twin bed for you include checking the measurements to make sure you can find a mattress and bedding to go with it, because some brands are different lengths. Once you know the measurements, you also may want to think about the amount of space available in your room, because you do not want to get furniture that will not fit. If you find that the bed will barely fit in the room, you may want to consider getting an extra long twin bed with storage, such as drawers or shelves underneath, to help solve your space problem.


Not all extra long twin beds are the same length, though most companies do try to keep the frame about 5 inches (12.7 cm) longer than the standard twin bed. Some manufacturers of extra long bed frames, however, may veer from the usual when it comes to both length and width. This can make it difficult to buy accessories, such as mattresses, sheets and blankets. Therefore, you are may want to find out whether the measurements of the extra long twin bed in which you are interested are compatible with most accessories on the market.

Once you know the measurements of the bed you are considering, it is helpful to make sure your current bedroom furniture will still fit properly in your room. Consider the part of your room where you intend to place the bed, and make sure the wall is long enough to accommodate it. You should take into account how any other furniture will fit so the room does not end up looking cluttered once you add an extra long twin bed to the area.

If you find that your room is not large enough for you to comfortably use the bed you want, consider combining some of your bedroom furniture. You may want to choose a bed that includes drawers so you can use the storage space in place of a dresser for your clothes. You also can replace bookshelves or nightstands with an extra long twin bed that features its own shelves built into the headboard or footboard. Before taking this route to fit your belongings into your room, you should make sure the bed you choose is sturdy enough to hold the intended items.



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