How Do I Choose the Best Three Drawer File Cabinet?

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You should typically look for a three drawer file cabinet that provides you with the height and depth you need, any kind of locking system you might want, and matches your style and existing d├ęcor. The depth of your filing cabinet is important, as it usually determines how many files you can fit into a single drawer. You should also make sure the drawers are high enough for your needs and can be locked. While the aesthetics of your three drawer file cabinet may be the last aspect you consider, you should still look for a cabinet that matches the style of other furniture in your room.

A three drawer file cabinet is a piece of furniture designed with three drawers that can be of equal size or vary, depending on its design. One of the first things you should consider is the depth of the drawers and the cabinet itself. The depth of the cabinet directly affects how many files you can fit into the drawers, which means you should look for a cabinet that is deep enough for your needs. You should also make sure the three drawer file cabinet you choose is not too deep for the space you plan to use it in.


The height of a three drawer file cabinet in general, and of each drawer specifically, should also impact your choice. If you primarily need a cabinet for hanging files, then you should pick one that has three drawers of sufficient height for the filing system you use. There are also cabinets that have two drawers for files, with the other drawer being designed for office supplies or storage. You should consider how you plan on using your three drawer file cabinet and choose a unit with dimensions that meet your needs.

Some cabinets may also come with a lock or a place where you can put a lock afterward, which you should consider if you want to secure the contents of your cabinet. You should look at the types of locks available, since some may be fairly easy to evade, as well as the fire rating of a cabinet for sensitive or important documents. Once you know the size and functionality that you are looking for in a three drawer file cabinet, then you should consider the aesthetics of the cabinet. If you primarily have wood furniture in your room, for example, then you might choose a wooden cabinet; metal cabinets are often more affordable and can work well in an office or a room with a more modern style.



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