How Do I Choose the Best Tall Dresser?

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A tall dresser can add ample storage to a room without taking up the significant amount of floor space required by short, wide dressers. With the wide variety of tall dressers available, finding a model that suits your needs and tastes can be an overwhelming process. To choose the best tall dresser for you, begin by deciding which type of drawer structure would best meet your needs. Then, consider your desired dresser width. Finally, think about which decorative style, material, and finish would fit your tastes.

To choose the best tall dresser for you, start by thinking about which type of drawer structure would best meet your needs. Many tall dressers are divided into five or six drawers of equal height and width. This drawer structure may be suitable if you plan to fill the dresser with bulky clothing items, such as sweaters and jeans. If you would like a dresser which provides different sections for large clothing items and small pieces such as undergarments, you might prefer a unit which features rows of both large and small drawers. Should you wish to hang some of your clothes while storing other pieces in drawers, you might consider an armoire-style tall dresser which features a hanging space as well as drawers.


Next, establish your desired dresser width. If you intend to use the unit only to store small items such as jewelry or underwear, you might find that a narrow unit, sometimes known as a lingerie dresser, is best. Should you need a unit that offers more substantial storage space, you will likely find that a tall dresser of average width is more appropriate.

Once you have considered your storage needs, think about the dresser’s appearance. Tall dressers are available in a huge variety of decorative styles, from intricate Rococo-inspired pieces to straight and simple Mission-style units. Choosing a decorative style is largely a matter of personal preference. It can be useful to examine the décor of the room in which the dresser will be placed to decide which style would look best.

You should also consider which material you would like your dresser to be made from. Dressers made from solid wood, such as walnut or oak, tend to be extremely durable, but can be costly. Conversely, pieces made from particleboard or similar materials are generally inexpensive, but may not hold up to use well.

Finally, think about which finish would best suit your tastes and needs. Tall dressers are available in a rainbow of finishes, from natural wood tones to stains and paints in bright colors. When deciding which finish would best suit your dresser, you may wish to consider the dominant tones of the room in which the dresser will be placed. A dresser in a tone that matches your existing décor will likely blend in easily with your other furniture, while a unit in a contrasting tone can add a visually pleasing pop of color.



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