How Do I Choose the Best Mission Dresser?

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Before beginning your search for a mission dresser, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the mission style of furniture. Take note of the types of woods commonly used for mission style furniture, the distinguishing features such as straight lines and prominent grains, and the common costs associated with purchasing such furniture. Once you feel comfortable with recognizing the distinguishing features of mission furniture, measure the room in which you intend to place the dresser to get a better idea of how large of a unit will fit in the space.

Consider how much clothing or other items you will need to store in the dresser as well so you can make the best decision on the size of the unit. Try to choose a mission dresser that will fit in the space you have while still fulfilling your storage needs. Don't forget to consider the height and depth of the dresser as well; the farther away from the wall the dresser extends, the less space for walking or standing you will have in the room. Dressers with mirrors can also be quite tall, as can tallboy dressers, so make sure the height of the unit will accommodate the room and will not prevent you from reaching the higher shelves or drawers in the unit.


You may want to consider purchasing a furniture set that includes one or more mission dresser. This will save you money in the long run, though the initial purchase price is likely to be quite high. You will need to consider your budget for purchasing the furniture, and determine whether you want a matching furniture set or just the mission dresser itself. Very often people buy entire sets to ensure the headboard, nightstands, and dressers all fit into the mission style, though this is not necessary and is simply a matter of preference.

Think about whether you want your mission dresser to include a vanity mirror. This mirror will be affixed to the back of the dresser and will extend several feet above the top of the dresser itself. This is a convenient addition to the dresser, though it will add weight to the unit, making it more difficult to move. It will also add height to the dresser unit, so you will need to take measurements and take note as to whether light fixtures will be contacted by the mirror or otherwise affected by the mirror's presence.



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