How do I Choose the Best Spring Fertilizer?

It is difficult to have a lush, green lawn free of weeds without the aid of fertilizer. The application of the best spring fertilizer is especially important because it will help make sure grass enjoys a long and prosperous growing season. The choice of a liquid or granular variant depends on the lawn. The fertilizer should be applied when the soil temperature is high and with products containing a large amount of phosphorous and a lesser content of nitrogen. When in doubt, talk to an expert at the local garden store.

It is important to apply spring fertilizer to grass because it is the beginning of the growing season. If the grass is properly fertilized in spring, it will experience healthy growth throughout the year. There are hundreds of different spring fertilizers available. This means some care must be taken to ensure the best one is chosen.

It is possible to purchase either liquid fertilizer or granular fertilizer. A liquid fertilizer acts much faster than its granular counterpart. Once it is applied, a liquid fertilizer is absorbed extremely quickly and needs to be reapplied every couple of weeks.

Granular fertilizers are not as fast acting and only need to be applied every couple of months. Lawns that are in dire need of a quick boost benefit more from a liquid spring fertilizer, however. The granular variety should be saved for grass that is already in good condition and just needs to be kept in good shape.

The best time to apply spring fertilizer is when the soil temperatures have increased and the grass is starting to grow. It is recommended to choose a fertilizer that prevents weeds from absorbing its nutrients. This kind of fertilizer does not nourish weeds and enables the grass to grow before having to compete with weeds for food in the summer.

Always choose a spring fertilizer that contains a high amount of phosphorous and a low amount of nitrogen. This will ensure that the grass has healthy roots. Strong roots will be able to grow deep into the soil during the summer. Every bag of fertilizer sold contains three different numbers on its front which are clearly marked. These three numbers signify the levels of nitrogen, potassium, and potash in the fertilizer.

After analyzing the information about each spring fertilizer, it should be clear there are many that meet the grade. Talk to the expert at the local garden store or home improvement center to find out which brands are the most reliable. Regardless of the brand, however, the only spring fertilizers generally worth buying are ones that promote faster growth while stifling weeds.


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