How do I Choose the Best Organic Gardening Fertilizer?

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The best organic gardening fertilizer will often vary, depending on what types of nutrients your soil is lacking. There are several types of organic fertilizers, varying in nutrients, ease of use, and price. To choose the best organic gardening fertilizer, you should first have your soil tested. This can be done using an at home kit, or some nurseries and garden supply stores may also be able to test it. The organic garden fertilizer that you choose should add the nutrients that your garden soil lacks.

Soil that is lacking phosphates, which is essential to healthy roots, can be improved with organic gardening fertilizer that contains large amounts of bone meal. Fish meal fertilizer is adds both phosphates and nitrogen to the soil. Unlike many other types of organic fertilizers, rock potash can raise potassium levels in your soil.

Manure often contains all of the essential nutrients that plants need to survive. Dried manure can be used as an organic gardening fertilizer when it is mixed right in with garden soil. If you have livestock, this type of manure is often free. If you do not have any animals, it can often be obtained from nearby farms either for free or purchased by the pound.


Manure, or any other of the above mentioned organic fertilizers, can also be added to home made fertilizer, such as compost material. Used as an organic gardening fertilizer, compost is considered by many gardeners to be one of the most environmentally friendly fertilizers. It can often be obtained for little or no money. If you find that tending to a compost pile is too much work, some of the commercial organic garden fertilizers may be better for you.

An organic gardening fertilizer can usually be purchased in three forms. Many people find that the spray fertilizers are the easiest type to use. These fertilizer containers can usually be hooked right onto a garden hose and sprayed directly onto the soil or plants.

Dry natural fertilizer can also be purchased. Powder organic garden fertilizer can be sprinkled directly onto the soil and worked in. It can also be mixed with water before being sprayed onto the soil or the plants. Pellets or granules are typically sprinkled onto the soil and worked in. These are usually designed to slowly release nutrients into the soil.



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I would like to know if premium organic orchid mix (Uni-gro) can be used for growing vegetables. It contains fir bark, bone meal, blood meal cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal, earthworm castings, forest products and sand. Thanks.

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