How do I Choose the Best Social Worker Courses?

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There are a number of ways in which the idea of social worker courses can be considered. In school, especially while earning a master’s in social work (MSW), people will have core courses that are required and then are likely to be offered some electives. After an MSW is complete, there may be additional learning requirements people must take prior to obtaining licensure. Once people become licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs), they have continuing education requirements to maintain licensure, and this opens up a host of new classes the social worker might take.

At the MSW level, each person will decide which social worker courses are the most of interest or best for them, and will augment the core courses they take. Students typically choose those classes that could most complement their education or that are strongly appealing to interest. Another consideration for many students is any requirement to complete a master’s thesis. Students may want to take classes in subject areas that relate to thesis topics or they may consider career choices ahead and determine which classes best prepare for specific types of careers. For instance, the student, who plans a career in medical social work, will take classes that most involve that subject.


Even when students have finished their MSW, they may have to take a few short social worker courses before they can begin the licensure process. Many of these are offered online through credentialing or licensing agencies. To determine best classes, students usually must simply ask. In most circumstances these courses are not only short, and many are self-paced online classes, but they are also inexpensive to take.

Once people have their LCSW designation, they’ll be required to take social worker courses to maintain their licenses. Amount and frequency of study is diverse and regional licensing agencies should be consulted for specific requirements. The range of classes becomes much bigger, and most people will pursue studies in areas they either want to learn about to enhance their careers, or want to study to reinforce what they already know. Structure and type of class is huge, from case review that might be offered to therapists to studying new guidelines for designated court reporters. Cost, time, and subject are varied, and choices may depend on innumerable factors.

Sometimes people ask about the best social worker courses because they are planning to pursue an MSW program, and may presently be in a bachelor’s program, whether or not they’re studying social work. The answer to best class may surprise some people. The best class to take if a person wants an MSW is statistics, which is a requirement of virtually every MSW program. It could also be useful to study things like sociology, family systems therapy, and psychology. Surprisingly a bachelor’s in social work is not a requirement for many MSW programs, so taking a diverse range of classes, and better yet, volunteering in any type of social work capacity, may make for a stronger application to MSW programs.



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