How do I Choose the Best Security Alarm?

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Choosing a security alarm for a home or business requires a bit of investigating. Some alarm companies are less than reputable, and some of them may even prove to be shams. Thus, the first step towards finding a good security alarm system is to research each company thoroughly. Asking for business credentials, certifications, and local and state licenses is one good way to select a reliable company.

In addition to seeking certifications and credentials, personal referrals are also recommended. Family, friends, and even a trusted insurance company can provide contact information for reputable security alarm companies. Once a few possible companies have been selected, it is necessary to arrange for a personalized security alarm consultation.

Most alarm companies will provide a free home inspection and consultation. During this process, a representative will thoroughly inspect a home or business, recommend various security alarm options, and provide a customer with a written monthly fee quote. Even if the offered quote is agreeable, there are a couple more wise steps to take before deciding upon a security alarm or alarm company.

While some companies may offer prices that are hard to turn down, it is best to compare alarm systems before deciding upon any one company. All alarm systems are different, and some of them simply have more features than others do. Consider alarms that include window wiring, motion detectors, outdoor cameras, and other additives that may prevent all kinds of possible theft.


Alarm systems also come with a variety of warranties that might impact price. Another consideration is whether or not a home or business includes a protected phone line. Phone lines that are located outside of a building can easily be tampered with, while having a protected phone line installed can prevent any tampering -- many companies offer this service in addition to a regular security alarm package.

For practical purposes, speak with local law enforcement personnel in order to find out how long it takes a local police forced to respond to a house or business alarm. While most law enforcement agencies take up to one hour to respond, some alarm companies have additional personnel that will respond to alarms within a shorter amount of time.

Also, ask about the cost of a false alarm -- some cities and towns will charge a hefty fee for a tripped alarm. Selecting a reliable security alarm company is a good way to lower insurance, keep personal and business belongings safe, and ensure a higher level of security.



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