How do I Choose the Best Security Alarm System?

Choosing a security alarm system requires careful scrutiny of the home and features needed. Compare prices between companies, depending on how many entry points you wish to secure. Carefully research each company’s service and benefits. Some systems are comprised of a simple alarm that sounds when an entry point is breached, while others include monitoring centers where employees will notify the authorities if someone tries to enter your home.

Make a note of all doors and windows in your home. If you are shopping for a security alarm system that will simply make you aware with a siren or sound if someone tries to enter your home, choose a system that includes sensors you can install easily. Many companies make systems that include motion sensors that attach to your door and window frames. Check to make sure the sensors contain easy switches to turn them on and off, so that you can move about your home freely during the day.

Many homeowners wish to purchase a security alarm system that includes monitoring of their home. These include motion sensors as well, but they usually feature keypads for homeowners to enter a code to turn the system on and off. Some of these systems include other monitoring features, such as smoke detectors, pressure mats that homeowners can place under rugs and windows, and closed-circuit television monitoring.


Companies that provide monitoring for home alarm systems typically charge a monthly fee. Some of these also require homeowners to sign contracts, meaning that they subscribe to the service for a certain amount of time. Discuss any fees and obligations with home security companies thoroughly before signing an agreement. There may be other fees involved as well, including costs for equipment and installation.

Monitored alarm systems often require homeowners to have a landline phone. When the alarm is activated, the signal transfers through the telephone lines to the monitoring center. Talk to home security companies about how they handle alarms. Most try to contact the homeowner and then notify the authorities if they cannot reach the homeowner. Ask questions about how response representatives are trained, and how long it takes them to respond to an alarm.

Contact your homeowner’s insurance company. Many give discounts to people who have a security alarm system installed. Your insurance company may require you to have a specific type of alarm in order to receive such a discount, which is something you will want to know before selecting a system.



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