How do I Choose the Best Project Management Course?

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A project management course provides training in the techniques and processes that are used when managing a large, complex project. This training is generic in nature, and can be applied to a range of industries and projects, from information technology software installations to building a skyscraper. The type of project management course available can be divided into four areas: time, budget, resources, and staffing. All of these items have a critical role in the project plan.

The best project management course will have four core elements, regardless of the area of study: interactive learning opportunities, well-trained instructors, comprehensive course materials, and group projects. Project management always involves multiple people, companies, and interests. The ability to work with a large number of people, manage conflict, and resolve difficulties are central to this job.

Interactive learning in a project management course can include using project management software, project simulation programs, and more. Research projects and presentations are another way to incorporate interactive learning elements into a course. Assignments that require a combination of presentation skills and software tools are the best way to meet both these needs. An added feature is that these skills are required for every project manager.


The qualifications of the instructor are very important when selecting a project management course. Some schools will hire instructors who have a great deal of work experience, but limited formal training, or vice versa. It is important for the instructor to have a combination of strong work experience and academic credentials. Both are necessary to be an effective instructor.

The skill level of the instructor has a huge impact on the depth of material that can be covered, as the instructor is responsible for writing the course notes, creating the assignments, tests and quizzes, as well as facilitating discussion in the classroom. Take the time to read the instructor biographies provided in the course syllabus. If it is not there, contact the course administrator and ask for it. This information is important when making a decision about a project management course.

The course material provided for project management courses varies widely. Take the time to investigate the textbook, reading material, or other media used in the course. Some instructors provide their own material, in the form of a course notes package. Review the materials, course outcomes, and strategy and then ask graduates about their experience in that class.

Project management is an interactive field, and there should be a significant amount of group projects required in this program. Review the number of projects and the evaluation methods used. Think about the tools covered in the course, and how they can be used or applied to the project. Working well with others is a skill that must be taught and project management courses are typically designed to provide this skill, in addition to other, more technical aspects of the course.



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