How Do I Choose the Best plus Size Pajamas?

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When shopping for plus size pajamas, fit is probably the most important element of the selection process. It is not the only choice you must make, however. You will also need to select a color or print pattern, the fabric, and the type of pajamas.

Pajamas usually refers to a two-piece sleepwear set consisting of a top and pants. Some people use the term pajamas, or pjs, broadly to include any type of sleepwear, including nightgowns, nightshirts, and traditional two-piece sets. When searching for plus size pajamas, you should pick the type that you will be the most comfortable sleeping in.

Making sure you buy the correct size of pajamas is important. If you already know what size of pajamas you wear, then you can begin looking at styles and colors. On the other hand, if you are unsure about what size to purchase you may need to try on several sizes. You can also use regular sizing as a guide. For instance, if you wear a size 2X pants and shirt, then you can buy 2X pajamas. When purchasing pajamas online, check the size guide to find the correct fit.


There are many different types of plus size pajamas to choose from and each type offers several choices. Nightgowns can be long or short, and the sleeves can be long, short or spaghetti strap in style. For two-piece pajama sets choose a type of pants — long pants, shorts or capri pants. Pajama tops also come in many styles including tank tops, tee-shirts, and long-sleeved shirts.

Pajamas come in many solid colors as well as cute and fun prints, such as stripes, ducks, sheep, and puppy patterns. Choosing a color or pattern is a matter of your own personal taste and preference. For instance, some people might think sheep are an adorable print for pajamas while others find it childish. If choosing plus size pajamas to give as a gift, you may want to pick a neutral design or solid color if you don't know the recipient's taste.

Although plus size pajamas are often sold as a set, it is not uncommon for pajama pants or shorts to be sold separately from the tops. This gives you more options when choosing pajamas, as you can choose whichever style of pants and shirt you prefer rather than having to settle for the pieces that come together. For people who wear a different size bottom than top this may be an ideal solution.

Fabric is another important consideration when choosing pajamas. Nylon, cotton, jersey knit, and flannel are some of the most common materials. Choose a fabric that will be comfortable for sleeping, neither too hot nor too cold, easy to launder, and durable.



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If you're a size 1X or on the smaller end of plus-size, you might want to consider checking out Gap maternity pajama pants, as they could easily double as plus size pajama pants. They come in super comfortable jersey options, and are a flattering alternative to plus size pajama sets.

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Plus sized pajamas are coming in more and more styles, much like plus sized clothing options. As a larger woman, I'm happy to see that there's more flattering options available in a variety of fabrics.

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