How Do I Choose the Best Knit Pajamas?

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To choose the best knit pajamas, you should think about who is going to wear them, when they are going to be used, and what style you would like for them to be. Knit pajamas are made for women, men and children so knowing who will wear them is a good place to start narrowing down your choices. The season, climate, and sometimes even the occasion when the pajamas will be worn can also help you determine which ones are the right choice. Once all of the practical decisions are made, you should focus on finding the perfect color and style for your pajamas.

Knit pajamas are available in a variety of different sizes and types of fit to suit women, men, and children as well as the style preferences of just about everyone. Think about who will be wearing the pajamas and what type of clothing he or she is normally comfortable in. For example, men's pajamas are often baggy and loose but can also be more trim and fitted. The right choice between the two depends on the preferences of the man who will wear them. Similarly, some women's pajamas are loose or modest while others are tighter and more revealing. Kids' pajamas are a little simpler but still come in several styles that children might have an opinion about.


Thinking about the season during which your knit pajamas are going to be worn is a good way to eliminate unsuitable choices. Some knit fabrics are rather thick, so they are warm in colder seasons or climates. Likewise, other knits are lightweight and airy to keep you cool in hotter temperatures. A special occasion like a slumber party, vacation, or holiday might also determine which pajamas are best. You can sometimes find pajamas that have a special print or other embellishments that make them especially well suited for a certain occasion.

The style of the knit pajamas you choose is an important factor in how happy the person who wears them will be. As with many other clothing choices, the colors and prints available for knit pajama fabrics are virtually endless. In addition to colors, there are several style options, including pants, shorts, gowns, and one piece suits. Choosing the right pajamas from all of these choices basically comes down to personal preference, and with so many options to choose from, you are sure to find some that are right for you.



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Post 3

Do you know if the waffle knit fabric is easy to care for?

I have been looking at some different pajamas to get my grandmother and as she is quite old I want to find some ladies pajamas that are really easy to care for. I don't want anything that requires any particular special settings to go into the laundry and is inexpensive enough that they can be replaced regularly.

My grandmother currently has a lot of sleepwear but most of it is too old and isn't holding up as it should. We really want to get her outfitted in more suitable clothes.

Post 2

@Sara007 - I don't have kids myself but I like knit cotton pajamas for myself as they keep me cool in the summer. I find the very light knit makes great sleepwear for women, especially if you get hot flashes later on in life. My mom is a huge fan of women's knit pajamas because they keep her temperature as normal as possible.

I think that knit pajamas are also a good option because they are almost always on sale. It seems like that whenever I visit my local big box sale they are always clearing out the knit pajamas.

Post 1

I love cotton knit pajamas for my kids because they keep them warm and are really easy to care for. I think if you are looking for knit sleepwear the best place to shop is online. You can find some really great deals if you check out the online auction sites.

I used to buy my kids flannel pajamas but they found them way too warm so I really liked that knit pajamas come in various weights. If you really want your kids to me comfortable the light weight pajamas are perfect for warmer months and medium weight seems to work well in the winter.

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