How do I Choose the Best Pharmacy University?

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There are five things to consider when looking for the best pharmacy university: accreditation, faculty, graduate programs, research opportunities, and alumni employment rates. A pharmacy university is usually part of a larger university and has a dedicated faculty of pharmacy. The dean of the faculty provides strategic direction and oversees the hiring of all faculty or teaching staff.

In order to become a pharmacist, a pharmacy degree is required. The best pharmacy university offers degrees in both pharmacy and pharmacology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A growing trend in many pharmacy universities is to expand their course offerings to include naturopathy and herbal supplements. As the interest in these areas continue to grow, it is important for pharmacists to be aware of the risks and benefits associated with these products.

An accredited school has been evaluated by an independent third party to determine if its academic and administrative policies meet a minimum standard. Some accrediting agencies also provide ratings of schools based on the quality of the programs and faculty available. Courses completed at an accredited school can be transferred to other post-secondary schools, and accredited schools can offer government student aid programs.


Faculty or teaching staff at the best pharmacy university will have multiple publications in research and scientific journals. Review these articles to determine their areas of interest and expertise. There should be multiple articles published each year by the faculty members at the school, indicating an active research program. Look at the list of annual awards of government research grants to determine if the school you are considering is competitive.

The quality of teaching staff is critical to your success. The best pharmacy university offers staff with a wide range of expertise in different aspects of pharmacy and pharmacology. Schools with graduate programs are able to attract and retain the best instructors due to the opportunity to conduct research and teach at the highest levels. Look for schools with a very active graduate program, providing multiple master's degree programs and opportunities to work with researchers.

Every post-secondary educational institute collects alumni employment statistics. These reports are issued at three-, six-, and 12-month intervals after graduation and measure the current position, salary, and field of employment found by graduates. These reports are a good indication of how employable program graduates are and where they are finding career opportunities. Pharmacy is a growing field with many opportunities for new product development and enhancement of existing products. Work in this field is most enjoyable for people who are detail oriented, focused, and enjoy problem solving.



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