What Are the Different Types of Career Opportunities for Pharmacists?

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The majority of career opportunities for pharmacists are found in medical facilities and drug stores. In both of these settings, pharmacists administer medication to patients exactly as prescribed by doctors. They may also help educate patients on the proper use of medications, especially if the patient is taking the medication home. Aside from these jobs, other career opportunities for pharmacists may be found in government organizations, medical research facilities, universities, and pharmaceutical companies.

Most of the visible career opportunities for pharmacists are those found in pharmacies. These professionals work directly with patients and dispense prescribed medication to them. They may also be involved in the compounding and dosing of certain medications as well as providing patients with consultations to explain the effects of the medications and how to take them properly. Opportunities for advancement in these types of careers can include promotions to managerial positions or, if the pharmacy is a part of a large chain, promotions to executive positions within the company.

Many pharmacists also work in healthcare facilities, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and clinics. These pharmacists may be in charge of dispensing medications to doctors and nurses or directly to patients. They may also consult with doctors about what medications to use to treat a certain patient. There are many career opportunities for pharmacists in medical facilities and also many opportunities for these pharmacists to be promoted into supervisory or advisory positions.


Outside of these positions, pharmacists can also be found in educational settings. In order to become a pharmacist, a person must complete a number of years of education and training. One of the career opportunities for pharmacists is in the university setting as these professionals are needed to train the next generation of pharmacists.

Career opportunities for pharmacists can also be found in government institutions. These pharmacists may work in public health services, where they may help manage public health threats by ensuring that enough medication is available for a given population. It is also possible to find pharmacists in the military, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry (ATSDR), among other governmental organizations.

Pharmacists may also work directly for pharmaceutical companies. They may advise these companies as to how to properly dose medication and may also work to reach other medical professionals in order to provide them with information about a new medication. These pharmacists may also write the literature that is dispensed along with medications to patients and medical professionals.



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