How do I Choose the Best Metabolic Booster?

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To choose the best metabolic booster, you should always start by talking to your doctor. He or she will listen to your situation and determine the best course of action for any metabolic issues you may have. If you already have a metabolic booster in mind, bring it up at your visit to find out how safe and effective the treatment may be. Some over the counter supplements, even herbal ones, can be harmful to your health.

If you have a very slow metabolism, you may have an underlying condition. In that case, no over the counter metabolic booster would likely do much good in giving you the results you want. Potential problems that could cause metabolic failure may include an under-active thyroid. This condition is more common than many believe, and it can affect nearly every area of the body. Only medication can treat this disorder.

Once you have determined that a serious medical condition is not to blame for a slow metabolism, it’s a safe bet that the culprit has something to do with your lifestyle. Lack of exercise, for instance, is notorious for slowing down one’s metabolism. The same goes for yo-yo dieting. If this describes your current activity and dieting patterns, start by eating a balanced diet and getting involved with physical activity at least three times per week. Before you choose the best metabolic booster, try changing lifestyle habits to see what results you achieve.


You may be able to choose the best over the counter metabolic booster to help speed up your weight loss efforts, but proceed with caution. Many of these products do not deliver the results they claim, and some can even hinder your long-term weight loss efforts. Safety is another concern, since many diet pills have been linked to heart problems and stroke. Make sure that any products you choose are approved by your doctor and/or pharmacist.

The healthiest and most beneficial type of metabolic booster is usually one that is food- or plant-based. Green tea, for example, has been linked to increased metabolism and is generally safe for anyone to drink. Grapefruit is one example of a food-based metabolism enhancer. Keep in mind that eating the real foods as opposed to taking supplements will increase the effectiveness.

Even if you are able to choose the best metabolic booster to aid in your weight loss efforts, it’s important to remember that there are no magic pills. Maintaining a proper body weight requires eating the right food in the right quantity and exercising. Anything less will only provide temporary results.



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