How do I Choose the Best Medicare Jobs?

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Medicare jobs are an extremely broad category and they could include work done as employees of the US federal government as part of the Medicare or Medicaid program. There is also private sector work that is completely or somewhat related to Medicare and people can find a variety of jobs with insurance companies, medical supply companies, hospitals, care facilities or in other places that could be attractive. Finding the best Medicare jobs has to begin with an examination of skills and interest, and this will be different for each person.

In government Medicare jobs, there is significant variety. People may work as caseworkers, they may help folks figure out how to apply, or take on roles in a variety of customer service positions. It’s fairly easy to find an available list of work on government websites, and it should be duly noted that most jobs are available to American citizens only, with a possible exception made for some long-term residents. A number of jobs get offered to federal employees first and others are made available for public application.

There are Medicare jobs that usually interact directly with the public, but other work exists that is more diverse. People could have research positions of varying sorts or work for Medicare to advise on public policy or changing regulations. Some of these positions will require advanced degrees in areas like public health, medicine, or science.


Many people choose to take Medicare jobs that are really private positions. For instance insurance companies can have whole sections of their business devoted to selling policies to people with Medicare or to administrating those policies. Experience in areas like medical billing and coding, insurance sales and social work might help in getting these jobs.

Alternately some hospitals or doctor’s offices are considered Medicare facilities since they tend to serve only people with this insurance. Being able to get jobs at place like this will depend on experience. Doctors, nurses, social workers, a variety of technicians and technologists, orderlies, and maintenance people will likely find jobs in these locations. Only in some instances, such as in social work and the direct practice of medicine, may it be necessary to really know that much about Medicare to get these jobs.

A good place to start in a search for Medicare jobs, especially those directly for the government, is the site. For employment elsewhere that relates to Medicaid or Medicare, lots of local job sites are great places to search. Degree of ease in getting these jobs sometimes depend on things like the economy, but it also may depend on what the applicant brings to the table in terms of experience and enthusiasm for the work.



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