How can I Find the Best Medicare Provider?

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For citizens of the United States who are covered under Medicare, one of the challenges is to find medical practitioners who provide the services they want with the competency they desire. There are several ways to locate and evaluate a Medicare provider before attempting to make use of his or her services. Here are some ideas that may help.

One of your best resources for a listing of local Medicare providers is through government resources. Every state in the USA has at least one Medicare office that has access to information about currently approved doctors, optometrists and other health professionals who currently take Medicare patients. If you’ve recently moved into a new area, starting with a list of this type will save a lot of time and effort, since you can quickly eliminate any practitioner who does not currently have a working relationship with the Medicare system.


To get feedback on the competency of a given Medicare provider, make use of your social contacts. Ask friends and relatives what they know about a provider who has caught your eye. You want to get information regarding the general demeanor of the physician and the staff to Medicare patients, what is involved in getting an appointment, and what type of waiting time is likely to take place when you show up for the appointment. Having a doctor that you can get along with and who has a staff that is personable as well as professional will make going to a medical appointment less of a chore.

You can also check with local medical associations to identify a potential Medicare provider and get some background on how long the provider has been in practice, the scope of expertise and the general standing in the local medical community. Information of this type will help you to bypass physicians who are likely to be somewhat inexperienced while still locating potential providers who are more likely to be very knowledgeable about your particular health issues.

If you are new to the program, you may want to consider the option of determining if your current doctor is an authorized Medicare provider. If not, there is a chance he or she could enroll in the program, allowing you to remain with your current doctor. The Medicare program can provide information regarding the Medicare provider application process, the terms for Medicare provider reimbursement, and the duties and responsibilities each Medicare enrollment provider must observe in order to remain in the program. Getting your current doctor to enroll as a Medicare provider will make life a lot easier for you and also allow your doctor to keep a loyal patient.



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