How Do I Choose the Best Log Bed Frame?

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Choosing a bed frame often means searching through various models that all look similar. For something a bit different, however, you might want to consider choosing a log bed frame. This type of frame is built from wooden logs that look rustic and rugged; they are often suitable for cabins or homes that feature a rustic decor. If you think a log bed frame is right for your space, the first decision you will need to make is what size you need. This may be determined by the size of your current mattress, or by the size you intend to buy.

Once you have determined the proper size, you will need to consider the overall design. Some log bed frame designs are suited to accommodate just a mattress, while others are built to accommodate both a mattress and box spring. This is largely a matter of preference; frames that accommodate just a mattress will support that mattress and keep it flat and straight during use. Other frames may require a box spring to accomplish this same task. A log bed frame that supports a box spring will generally sit higher off the ground than one that does not.


The type of wood used to build the log bed frame can change not only the aesthetic of the bed, but also the durability. Some types of wood are more resistant to common types of damage, especially water damage. Hardwoods are the best choice for frame materials, though they tend to be more expensive and heavier than softwoods, which are usually also attractive but more susceptible to damage. If you choose a softwood frame, it is likely that it will need to be sealed, painted, or otherwise protected from moisture damage as well as impact damage such as chipping, cracking, or splintering.

As far as aesthetic appeal goes, the tone and grain of the wood will certainly have an impact, but other factors will affect the visual appeal as well. Certain types of pine are known for being exceptionally knotty, which can create a rustic and interesting aesthetic that some buyers prefer. Other woods, such as oak, feature a more consistent grain and a darker tone that is exceptionally attractive. The structure of the log bed frame will also have an impact on its visual appeal; some frames will feature a headboard and footboard, while others may feature only a headboard. This is largely a matter of preference, as is the specific design of the headboard and footboard.



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