How Do I Choose the Best Bed Frame Design?

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The best way to choose a bed frame design is to consider all quality models in your price range in the size you need. You could even narrow your selection by material such as metal, wood or wicker if you have a strong preference. If you already have other bedroom furniture, select a bed frame design that complements it, as it doesn't have to match exactly. The overall design of the bed frame you pick should blend in with the decor style of your bedroom.

If you have a modern interior, look for a sleek bed frame without a lot of fussy details. You may want to consider either no headboard or a plain rectangular style. A leather headboard can look modern as well as provide some softness in a bed frame design. As an alternative to a simple wood or metal bed frame with a headboard, you could hang abstract or other modern art on the wall in your modern-styled bedroom.


For a more traditional room, a fine wood bed frame in a slatted, four-poster or sleigh style may be the best option. There is no need to feel limited in a bed frame design if you have a traditional decor though as a brass version could also work. Any frame with a lot of detail and a more formal look can add a focal point to your bedroom. Romantic-themed bedrooms could include a formal, elaborate bed frame design such as a four-poster, but if you prefer a more rustic style, a pine version is also likely to work well. A wicker or rattan bed frame can coordinate attractively with romantic, tropical or beach themes.

Rather than only considering the material alone, no matter your type of bedroom decor, consider the color whether it's natural or painted. Color, not just material and style can add to the mood of your room. Keep in mind that the larger your bed, as well as the smaller the bedroom, the more likely your frame and bedding are to become a focal point in the room.

Above all, choose the best quality bed frame for what you have to spend. It's important to make sure that the frame you choose fits well with your mattress. If possible, buy a frame and mattress at the same time to get the best possible cohesion between the two. Look for sturdiness in a frame, no matter what exact style you decide to purchase.



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