How do I Choose the Best Kids' Fitness Videos?

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More kids than ever appear to struggle with obesity, and the best way to help them is by introducing exercise as a regular part of their lives. Many adults enjoy exercising inside the house, using fitness videos regularly to get fit in the comfort of their own home. Children of all ages can benefit from the same type of routine, which is why finding quality kids' fitness videos can be helpful. Be sure to take into consideration the child's age, interests, and the equipment you have available in the home.

Not surprisingly, purchasing a kids' fitness DVD that is meant for older children can be quite dangerous for young kids. For example, toddlers should not be using free weights, however light, or small trampolines. Instead, focus on finding kids' fitness videos that focus on moves that young kids can do, such as jumping jacks, dancing, and general jumps. Toddlers typically have lots of energy, and this kind of DVD can help use some of it up while encouraging them to get into shape. On the other hand, older children should be challenged enough by the workout to keep them interested, so it is usually okay to allow them to watch kids' fitness videos that feature jump ropes and small free weights.


The main point of kids' fitness videos is to get children excited about exercise. If you know your child does not like to run, having them watch a video that focuses on jogging in place will likely not keep their interest. Instead, consider videos that encourage following fun dance routines, or focus on jump roping for kids that know how. Paying attention to their interests can help ensure that they remember exercise as a fun time, helping them to keep up the routine in the future.

One detail that is within your control is the type of kids' fitness equipment you have. If you want to be able to provide a range of fun kids' fitness videos to your children, you might need to purchase some interesting equipment. Rather than just providing them with a yoga mat and some space, consider buying a jump rope, light free weights, and a mini trampoline. This will allow them to work various muscle groups, and be able to follow a few different videos, which means you have more variety when choosing interesting DVDs. Just be sure to keep their age in mind when purchasing kids' fitness equipment, and make sure that you can be there to supervise when they use items like a trampoline.



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