What are the Different Types of Fitness Programs for Kids?

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As the rate of childhood obesity has increased, the focus on fitness for kids has become an important topic throughout the world. Many kids are not getting the proper amount of exercise that they need on a daily basis. Exercise is important to keep kids fit and in shape, as is a healthy diet. In order to motivate kids to exercise, the fitness activities should be fun and easy to do. Some of the different types of fitness programs for kids include cardio, strength training and yoga.

Kids' cardio is one of the most popular types of fitness programs for kids. It is considered to be a favorite because there are large number of cardiovascular activities that kids love to do such as soccer, bike riding, football and swimming. Cardio exercises are geared toward working out the entire body in order to increase the metabolism and burn calories, strengthen the heart and tone the body.


Strength training is one of the different types of fitness programs for kids. This type of fitness program focuses on improving a child’s muscle tone and bone strength. Although weights and resistance bands can be used during strength training, they are not required, because a child can use his or her own body weight during many activities, such as push-ups. These workout sessions should not be done more than two to three times a week. Kids should be able to start strength training when they are 7 or 8 years old.

Another one of the different types of fitness programs for kids is yoga. Kids' yoga exercises are geared toward helping a child’s body become more flexible and balanced. These exercises also are great for relaxation and building self confidence. Normally, classes for kids of all ages are offered year-round at various yoga or fitness facilities. Yoga instructional videos for kids also can be purchased for use at home.

Before a child starts any of the fitness programs for kids, it is important to make sure that they do not have any health issues such as a heart condition. It is recommended that a physical is performed each year by a licensed physician. During the fitness program activities, children should drink plenty of water in order to stay well hydrated and should follow the safety rules at all times.



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