How do I Choose the Best Hypnobirthing Classes?

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To choose the best hypnobirthing classes, you should ask your medical care provider for suggestions, speak with other mothers you know, or browse through your local phone directory for a list of options. You may also find business cards or brochures in baby-themed stores. Some medical centers may offer hypnobirthing classes as part of their programs, so ask your doctor if one is available.

Hypnobirthing is a form of pain relief which teaches the concept of extreme relaxation in order to distract the mind from pain. Women may learn focus, deep breathing exercises, and other concentration techniques to help alleviate the intense discomfort experienced in childbirth. This can be done solo or with the help of a coach during labor and delivery. Although similar, it is not exactly the same as conventional hypnosis. It does entail the power of suggestion, but many techniques can be used by the woman herself without someone feeding suggestions to her during labor.

Finding the right hypnobirthing class in any given area is not always easy, because this type of pain relief is not available in all areas. You should first try and get referrals to local coaches in your area by speaking with your doctor or midwife. If she doesn’t have any suggestions, you may be able to get the name of someone close by speaking with another mom who has used this method of childbirth pain relief in her own labor.


You can also check in your local phone directory to find options for hypnobirthing classes. Call each number and ask about having a consultation with the coach or teacher. Most will not charge a fee in order for you to come and sit in on a class to get an idea of the atmosphere. This will give you an idea of whether you would enjoy a particular class.

While you are there, you should ask the instructor questions. You should find out what the success rate is for their methods. How many mothers are able to go through their entire births without the use of pain medication? How many report having reduced or little pain during labor and delivery? These are all important factors to should consider before choosing hypnobirthing classes.

Cost is another factor which should be taken into consideration. Discuss the price per class or talk about payment arrangements for an entire series of classes. Find out how many sessions you will get for the price, and ask for referrals from other former patients and clients.



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