How do I Choose the Best Free Fitness Classes?

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Choosing the best free fitness classes should be quite simple, because they're free! If you try a class and you don't like it, simply drop it and try another. Many gyms offer unlimited free fitness classes to their subscribers, and it is a great idea to try as many as possible, because you never know which ones will interest you the most. Some community centers offer free classes as well; just keep an eye out for fliers or advertisements.

When choosing the best free fitness classes, decide what types of classes will interest you. Now is a great time to try something new, even if you were not interested in the past. For instance, if you always do yoga classes, maybe you could try a Pilates class instead. If you always do mellow, relaxing classes, maybe an aerobic dance or kickboxing class could be fun. When the class is free, there is no harm in trying.


Another issue to consider when choosing free fitness classes is time. Keep in mind what time the class takes place, and how much time you wish to spend in class. Some free fitness classes are very short, and only 20 minutes to half an hour long, but some may be over an hour or more and it is important to plan ahead. In addition, it is important to prepare for a free fitness class like any other, by wearing the correct clothing, supportive sneakers, and making sure it is physically safe for you to exercise.

You might ask a friend for recommendations for good free fitness classes, or even ask a friend to accompany you to a class so you can both try it out. Some classes may offer a free trial period wherein you can take a number of classes, but after the trial period is up, you may be required to pay in order to continue to attend class. For this reason, it is a good idea to take advantage of as many free classes as possible to determine if you would be willing to pay for them.

Some free fitness classes are offered online as well; simply search online to find them. Some can be downloaded to MP3 and portable video devices and played at home. There is no need to worry about choosing the best free fitness classes; if you don't find one you enjoy, just keep trying until you do.



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