How Do I Choose the Best Hydrating Shampoo?

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Hydrating shampoo contains extra moisturizing ingredients over conventional cleansers. Moisturizing hair cleansers are available in a wide range of prices because they are sold both in drug stores and other stores, as well as salons. When choosing this type of shampoo, you should look for a brand that specifically states that it contains hydrating features, such as nut oils. If you are unsure, the best hydrating shampoo is generally creamy in consistency as opposed to a clear gel. If your hair is extremely dry, then you should consider shampooing every other day and add a hydrating conditioner to your regimen.

Locating a hydrating shampoo should not be a particularly difficult task, considering the fact that this type of product is available in a variety of different places. Pricey shampoos are sold at beauty stores and salons, but you can also find professional-strength versions at your local drugstore. The price of a particular shampoo does not necessarily indicate its quality. Instead, you will have to read ingredient labels carefully and look at the actual product to determine its overall quality.

The first thing to look for when identifying the best hydrating shampoo is a product’s ingredients. Some brands claim that their products are hydrating, when, in fact, the particular shampoo does not contain many moisturizers. Common moisturizing features include vitamin E, shea butter, and nut oils. Hydrating shampoos utilize these ingredients to hold water and natural oils inside of the cuticle.


Although most hydrating shampoo brands list product ingredients directly on the bottle, there might be an instance in which you cannot easily identify such information. One method of testing a shampoo’s hydration level is to look at its consistency, which should be creamy in texture. Regular cleansers usually come in the form of clear gels due to a lack of hydrating features.

A hydrating shampoo should be followed up with a similar type of conditioner in order to properly replenish moisture into your hair. Although moisturizing shampoos are not as harsh on your strands, they still have the propensity to strip your hair of some oils, so it is important to replace them with a quality conditioner. Extremely dry and coarse hair should be washed every other day in order to prevent your locks from losing excess moisture. Instead, you can add life to your hair with a dry shampoo in between washes. Just be certain that you spray the dry shampoo at your roots and then comb through so that you do not absorb natural oils from the rest of your hair.



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My hair gets very dry in the winter months when the inside air is dehydrated from heating systems. I use a shampoo that contains olive oil, and it is very hydrating. Olive oil is natural, and is great for your scalp and hair. I don't use olive oil shampoo in the summer months though, because it makes my hair look oily quickly when the weather is hot.

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It's a good idea to avoid any shampoo that is formulated for extra cleansing if you want to hydrate your hair. This is because this type of shampoo has the tendency to strip natural oils from the hair, which will make it appear dry and dull if it is in need of moisturizing.

Clarifying is one term that is often used on a shampoo that is formulated to remove tough dirt and residue from styling products. Instead, you need to find a shampoo that has words like moisturizing, hydrating, and dry hair formula listed on the label.

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