How do I Choose the Best Curly Hair Shampoo?

Many women desire curly hair since it typically adds vibrance and youth to a person's appearance. Curly hair, however, requires care in order to properly show it off. The most basic step begins with how you clean and treat your hair. Using the wrong products can damage your hair at worst, or leave it looking dry and frizzy at best. To choose the best curly hair shampoo, you generally will want to consider hydration, nourishment, and ingredients in the shampoo.

Curly hair shampoo can be selected on the basis of several factors, the first of which is hydration. Pick a shampoo that contains natural moisturizers, such as coconut oil, to hydrate your hair and keep the curls full and firm. This typically will keep your hair from frizzing when it dries, and will also make it easier for you to keep it tangle-free.

The second factor in choosing a shampoo is the nourishment the shampoo's ingredients provide. An ideal curly hair shampoo will usually contain vitamin B1, which maintains curls by moisturizing them. Let the shampoo sit in your hair for some time before rinsing it off to allow the vitamin B1 to soak in.

Other good ingredients curly hair shampoo should contain are proteins, panthenol, and botanical extracts. These can repair damaged hair by restructuring protein bonds. For maintaining high-definition curls, shampoo should usually contain rice, corn, or wheat proteins to allow the shampoo to penetrate the hair shaft. These active ingredients will either lightly coat the hair shaft to add more shine or will penetrate to the root to add more holding power.

Shampoo that contains chamomile, aloe, hydrolyzed keratin, and collagen are also able to maintain the shape of curls without weighing them down. This usually is highly recommended for people with long hair. These nutrients protect the hair from damage and can encourage faster hair growth as well.

Once you have selected a good curly hair shampoo, you need to take care when actually washing your hair. Avoid shampooing it every day, as this can dry out your hair and make the curls look frizzy. Instead of washing it some days, you can rinse and condition your hair instead. If you feel it necessary to shampoo every day, be sure to use a mild shampoo with good moisturizing content.

Use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush for your hair. This will avoid breaking the defined curls that should have already been built up by the right curly hair shampoo. Allow the comb's teeth to gently massage your scalp and draw natural oils through the hair to further hydrate the curls.

Avoid frequent use of blow dryers as this can damage your hair. Let your hair dry naturally instead and do not scrub it dry with a towel to avoid frizziness. If you must blow dry your hair, set the blow dryer to the lowest temperature.


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