How Do I Choose the Best Hair Rinse?

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The best type of hair rinse for your hair will depend on several different factors. First and foremost, the best type of rinse will depend on the type and condition of your hair. For example, dry and damaged hair will require more conditioning and moisturizing than oily hair. The best rinse for your hair will also depend on what you're trying to achieve. Hair rinse formulas can focus on enhancing texture, shine, or adding additional color to your locks.

The purpose of using a hair rinse is to remove residue and build-up on the hair while at the same time closing the cuticles. When the cuticles on the outer part of the hair are lying flat, the hair appears healthy and shiny. If the cuticles are opened, the hair appears dull and damaged. Shampooing the hair naturally opens the cuticles in order to remove the dirt and oils that have built up in the hair. This is why it's so important to use a conditioner or hair rinse after every shampoo.


Some people prefer to purchase ready-made hair rinses from the store, but another option is to make your own hair rinse at home. Many hair rinses can be made with ingredients commonly found around the house. For example, a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water has been used as a natural hair rinse for generations. Herbal concoctions steeped in boiling water also make good hair rinses. Camomile and lavender work well for normal and dry hair, and peppermint and rosemary work well for hair that's oily, is thinning, or has dandruff.

If you're looking for a hair rinse that also enhances the color of your hair, many options are available. Hair rinses made from black walnuts, black teas, coffees, henna, and sage all work well for deepening the color pigments of the hair. Sage offers the added ability to restore the color in graying hair. Unfortunately, these hair rinses will only serve to darken hair and not lighten it. As a general rule of thumb, the more concentrated you make the rinse, and the longer you let it sit on your hair, the deeper your hair color will be enhanced.

Determining which of the hair rinse formulas is right for you may take some trial and error. Even though one combination may be promoted as being best for a particular hair type, the reality is that each person has unique hair. This means any given formula won't work on everyone, even for those who appear to have the same hair qualities. On top of that, your hair will change with different seasons, and throughout your lifetime. The best advice is to keep experimenting with different combinations until you find one that works for you.



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