How Do I Add Volume to Hair?

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Adding volume to your hair may be necessary if you have flat or oily hair. Use volumizing shampoo on the hair’s roots before adding conditioner. Then use a hairdryer, but make sure the hair is dry before proceeding. Hairspray is another good way of adding volume to hair.

There are a number of reasons why hair may lack volume. You may have naturally flat hair because oils prevent it from gaining volume. It is also possible that incorrect use of a hair dryer is making your hair flat.

One method of adding volume to hair is by choosing a specific shampoo which is formulated for the hair type in question. When applying the shampoo, focus on the roots of the hair. Rinse the shampoo out thoroughly with warm water. Add a special volumizing conditioner to the ends of the hair and gently massage. Do not use conditioner on the roots of the hair, as this can weigh the hair down, causing it to go flat.


A hairdryer may be used to add volume to your hair, but this is often used incorrectly. To correctly add volume to hair using a hairdryer, wait until the hair is almost dry. Using the device when the hair is still wet is a common mistake. Drying wet hair in this manner can cause it to become extremely dry, which can lead to major hair damage. Additionally, brushing the hair when wet is another bad idea, as the hair will break easily.

Lift the hair about 2 inches from its roots, then use the hairdryer. This should add quick volume to hair. The roots of the hair must be very dry in order for the most volume to be added.

To maximize volume, make sure that your hair has just been shampooed and is straight, to stop tangling from occurring. If you have extra curly hair, you can use a flat iron to straighten it. If your hair has been ironed, make sure that it cools before proceeding. Allow the hair to dry before brushing it to remove any remaining tangles.

Hold a section of the hair straight up and comb the hair in a direction opposite to its natural way of growing. Tease this section until the desired volume is reached, and then use hairspray. Repeat for every section of the hair. This should add volume to hair and keep it that way for a reasonable length of time.



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