How do I Choose the Best French Lace Curtains?

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To choose the best French lace curtains, consider the size and style of curtains you would like, what pattern of lace best suits you, and what kinds of details you want your curtains to have. As with any curtain purchase, you will need to consider the window where you want to install your curtains and decide how you want your new window treatment to look on them. French lace is available in numerous different patterns and styles. There are a few optional details to think about before choosing.

The first step in choosing your French lace curtains will be basically the same as with choosing any curtains. Measure your window. Then decide what type of window treatment will achieve your desired effect. You can find French lace curtains that are floor length and consequently appear somewhat formal or a more casual short curtain that stops at the window sill. Another option is a valance which only covers the top portion of the window.


Once you have decided on the window treatment style, select which type of lace you prefer. Some patterns of French lace have more holes in them and will therefore look a little lighter and daintier while some patterns are going to be more substantial. Many of the patterns available in French lace center around a floral motif, but there are also options that are more geometric or even more modern in their appearance. Look at the patterns that are available and pick one that goes well with your sense of style and the style of the room where you will be using your French lace curtains.

After picking the style and pattern, there are still a few details to consider. Look at the size of the pocket where the curtain rod is put through the curtain as well as the size of the hem at the bottom of the curtain. These details may seem small, but the can actually make a difference in the overall look of your curtains. Some French lace curtains come with additional details such as a scalloped edge or a swagged top. One of these options may be extra appealing to you. A final option to consider is adding a plain, solid-colored curtain behind your lace curtains to add more privacy and light control.



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