How do I Choose the Best Curtain Style?

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To choose a curtain style that suits your needs, take a few factors into consideration. Finding a curtain style to match your room decor should be one criteria, and cost may be another. Fabric material is another thing to consider, and care or cleaning options may influence your decision as well.

A major decision as you as you shop for your new window covering is which room it will be used for. Obviously, if you're shopping for custom shower curtains, you'll most likely shop at the bath section of your department store, or possibly a linen and bathroom outlet. If you're looking for a curtain style to match your kitchen motif, you'll most likely find this in another department that sells curtains and draperies.

In choosing the best curtain style for your window, first know the exact measurements you'll require. This is especially important if your window is an unconventional size. When considering various styles, try to match the design and theme of your room's furnishings and decor. If your room is decorated in brown and tan, earth colors typically work well.


If you're hanging the curtains in a child's room, you may want to choose a youth or juvenile curtain style. This could include a superhero or cartoon character curtain style for a little boy's room, or a lace or frilly design for a girl's. If you want to get long use from the curtains, choose a style that won't be outdated in six months or a year. For your child's bedroom, choose curtains that are machine washable, as these may require more frequent washings.

Curtain styles that include tie backs will generally complement most family rooms and dens. This is especially convenient for a room that is bright and sunny. Other things to consider are whether you prefer a pleated curtain style or curtains with delicate features such as eyelets.

Consider whether you want gathered headings or a valance for the top of your window. A balloon valance generally is suited for a master bedroom and tends to dress up an otherwise ordinary bedroom decor. This type of window treatment works well for a paneled glass door as well.

Lastly, consider the wallpaper design in your room. If you have striped wallpaper, for example, choose a solid curtain style that does not overpower the look of the room. Subtle shades for curtains work best in a room with wallpaper.



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