How do I Choose the Best French Curriculum?

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If you're interested in learning French, you may have questions about how to choose the best French curriculum. There are many programs available for people interested in learning a second language, but not all curriculum lessons are created equally. To ensure the best possible educational experience, it's important to choose a high quality lesson curriculum.

When choosing the best French curriculum, it's helpful to spend some time thinking about what you hope to accomplish with your study of the French language. Do you want to learn the essential phrases necessary to travel in France? Do you want to be able to watch French films without subtitles? Are you hoping for a glimpse into French culture?

Your learning style is a very important factor to consider when evaluating French curricula. Are you the type of person who learns best by reading long texts or do you prefer to listen to videos or taped lectures? Do you need lots of guidance when working through new material or do you prefer to learn independently? Choosing curriculum lesson plans that match your learning style will make it easier to develop your language skills.


Learning a foreign language requires being able to master both writing and speaking. To write, you must be able to understand the basics of French spelling and grammar. To speak, you must be able to pronounce words correctly and understand the speech of others. A good French curriculum will allow for plenty of practice developing both written and oral communication skills.

Ideally, a French curriculum should be developed by someone with at least several years of teaching experience. The teacher should be someone who is fluent in French and has lived in a French-speaking country for a significant period of time. In many cases, students find that teachers raised in bilingual homes make for excellent instructors because they have a great grasp of both languages.

Web sites for homeschooling families can offer reviews of many of the most popular French curriculum lessons. Even if you are an adult learner, this can be a good starting point for deciding which program best meets your needs. Regardless of age, all students follow a similar process when learning a foreign language.

Keep in mind that cost does not necessarily equal a high quality French curriculum. It's true that some of the best-known language learning programs can be quite expensive, but you don't need to let your budget affect your desire to learn French. There are many excellent language learning resources available in a variety of price ranges. If cost is a major concern, you may want to save money by investigating Web sites that sell used curriculum lessons.



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