What is a Language School?

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A language school is an excellent way to learn a language and study abroad. Often, a language school teaches the language of the country it is located in, in an intensive format so that students are immersed in the foreign language inside and outside of class. Language schools can be found in most countries, and often have a student body from nations all over the world. Some language schools also incorporate instruction in history and other subjects so that students can learn all about the nation they are studying in.

Many study abroad programs recommend that students start with a language school so that they have a head start when they begin classes. In this case, students may attend a language school that offers a two to six week intensive so that they can get the basics of grammar and vocabulary down. Using the building blocks provided by the language school, the student will be far more successful in a foreign environment.

In other cases, a language school is designed to provide long term language study programs which may last through several semesters or terms. These schools cater to both adults and youth, and usually provide extracurricular activities and field trips to engage students more fully. Graduates of longer term programs often achieve fluency, and can put that skill to use translating, guiding tours, or living in a new country.


Some language schools offer immersion study in a language foreign to the country in which they are located. For example, English is offered at language schools all over the world, because knowledge of the language is extremely useful for business. These language schools often employ foreign instructors so that students will learn the language from a native speaker and have a better grasp of the subtleties of the new language.

Almost all language schools operate on a immersion system, where students are surrounded by the language at all times. Students are usually not allowed to speak a language other than the language of instruction, and are encouraged to practice with other students outside of class. Many language schools have a large library of materials for students to work with, constantly improving their vocabulary and grammar skills.

Many people travel abroad to go to a language school, taking advantage of the educational experience of living abroad while they study. By being in a foreign country, students are also forced to use their new language as they learn it, and will have a more practical depth of knowledge that cannot be gained in the classroom alone. Instruction in almost every language in the world can be found by looking at language school directories designed to help students interested in learning new languages.



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