How do I Choose the Best Fitness Resistance Bands?

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When incorporating fitness resistance bands into your workout, you do not have to limit yourself to using just one band. They are usually inexpensive and easily stored, so having more than one will open up options for different exercises at home or while traveling. Many fitness resistance bands are sold in kits as well, which means you can buy several bands for a low price and have everything you need in one package. The shape of fitness resistance bands can vary slightly, so choose bands that will accommodate the exercises you intend to do the most.

Simple fitness resistance bands are simply circular rubber bands that can be looped over limbs of the body or around fixed objects to complete an exercise. More elaborate bands may have handles at either end. Different exercises may be completed with different types of bands; whatever band you choose to purchase, make sure you can accomplish the exercises you intend to do with the band, and make sure the band is an appropriate length.

Exercises like bicep curls will necessitate a longer band. A straight band with handles will work best for such exercises, as one end will get looped around a fixed object or around your foot, while the other end will be grasped with the hand. A band that is too short means you will have to bend over to complete the exercise, and your form will suffer. You will most likely find yourself purchasing several fitness resistance bands of varying lengths, shapes, and resistance levels for this reason.

Resistance band accessories are also available, so choose bands that will work with accessories you are likely to use. Doorway attachments are a common accessory; these anchors allow you to fix the resistance band to the door so you can perform resistance exercises that need a fixed point. Make sure the bands you choose will work with such features if you are likely to use them. Some bands come with handles that allow you to attach more than one band. This allows you to raise the resistance level without having to use a different band altogether.


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