How do I Choose the Best Exercise Band Workout?

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An exercise band workout uses elastic bands to help tone muscles and build muscle. By opting for exercise bands or therabands instead of weights, whole body toning can be incorporated into any workout routine. These stretchy cord or belt-like strips come in different resistances making them an efficient way increase overall body strength regardless of fitness level.

Incorporating inexpensive exercise bands to a workout routine also helps enhance the body’s flexibility, endurance and overall stamina. Coupled with fat reduction gained from an aerobic style routine and increased muscle power, an exercise band workout allows the body to work more efficiently. It also aids in improving general health by enhancing circulation and building a stronger immune system to help ward off illnesses.

Also referred to as resistance bands, exercise bands come with or without handles making them very versatile. These compact bands with no handles can be tied to things like door handles, desks or chairs. This enables the user to perform strengthening an exercise band workout just about anywhere including when sitting behind a desk or while working. These fitness bands are also available in different lengths and shapes. Some are circular or tubular to make specific exercises easier to perform.


Handled bands add more resistance to regular exercises or physical fitness routine. It also allows the Integration of several areas of the body at the same time. For example, using these fitness tools to perform leg squats with arm curls boosts resistance and allows this simple leg exercise to simultaneously tone arms. Performing an arm routine with resistance bands on an exercise ball encourages the involvement of the leg and trunk muscles. Working several areas together increases the efficiency of each workout.

Choosing the appropriate resistance level for exercise bands depends on fitness level. Though not specifically measured in pounds like free weights or nautilus equipment, the amount of flexibility is gauged through a color coding system. The degree of resistance ranges from minimal to significant.

Determining the appropriate exercise band workout can be as simple as using them with a normal fitness routine. Some bands also come in a kit. These kits vary with options such as interchangeable handles, different resistance levels and various shapes. Kits may also include things like an exercise ball and mat. Many include sample exercises or workout DVD to maximize overall benefits. There are also specialized exercise band workout routines designed for specific activities like golfing, running and baseball.



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