How do I Choose the Best Fire Protection Supplies?

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The best fire protection supplies are ones that alert you to a fire or can help to extinguish a fire quickly. When choosing fire protection supplies, it's important to think about what you will need if a fire starts and what can help to get you or your family out of the house immediately. It is also important to think about how many supplies will be needed based on the layout and size of the house. If used correctly, fire protection supplies can save lives.

A fire or smoke alarm is the first warning signal that a fire has started in your home. Smoke alarms are generally easy to install and inexpensive. Every floor of the house should have at least one. A fire alarm can also be connected directly to emergency services so that if a fire starts, emergency services are called right away.

Some fires may start off small and can be extinguished quickly with the right fire protection supplies. Fire extinguishers are used to put out small fires only. They are not intended to extinguish large fires that are out of control.

There are different kinds of fire extinguishers. Some extinguishers are filled with pressurized water. They can put out fires that are burning wood, paper, or other combustible materials. Water-based extinguishers should never be used on grease or electrical fires, as they will help to spread these fires faster.


Another kind of fire extinguisher is filled with dry chemicals. This kind is filled with foam or powder, which is pressurized with nitrogen. They are used to put out most kinds of fires and may be a better extinguisher to purchase.

Other fire protection supplies that help to put out a fire are a fire blanket and fire sprinklers. A fire blanket is also used to throw on small fires only. Sprinklers, which are usually installed in the ceiling, are found in most places of business. There are many companies that are now installing residential fire sprinklers in family homes for extra fire safety.

If a fire is large and spreading quickly, it is best to get out of the home. There are fire protection supplies that can help with a fire escape plan. A portable fire ladder is a must for a house that is more than one story. They can be easily stored in a closet or under the bed. The ladder attaches onto the windowsill for an easy and safe escape.

A roof hatch can also be helpful for a fire escape plan. A roof hatch is a hole in the roof with a heavy door that can be used to get onto the roof in the case of a fire. It is one of the more expensive options of all the fire protection supplies.



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