How do I get Fire Protection Training?

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There are several ways in which you can get fire protection training. You may, for example, enroll in a training program at a community college, university, or vocational school to get the training you need. Often, these educational institutions offer certificates and degrees in related majors that include fire protection training. For example, you might seek an associate's or bachelor's degree in fire engineering, or you may seek a certificate in fire and emergency services. If you are hoping to become a fire fighter, however, you may receive training through a local fire department.

The first step in getting fire protection training may be deciding why you want or need training. If you want to become a fire protection engineer, for example, you may have to attend college to pursue this career. If you want to become a fire fighter, however, you may be able to secure training from a local fire department or fire training academy. Once you’ve decided what type of career you want to pursue, you can go on to choose a training program.


The courses you will take may depend on where you receive fire protection training and what your goals are in seeking it. Depending on your goals, you may take courses to learn about different types of fires, how they start, and how they burn. You may also study the manner in which different types of fires can be controlled. Likewise, you may learn about the materials and methods used to put out fires as well as smoke movement and combustion.

You may also take a fire protection systems course as part of your training. Through this type of course, you may learn about a range of fire protection, detection, and suppression systems. This type course may also teach you about fire extinguishers, including how to install and test them. In fact, many courses that fit in this category provide students with the chance to gain practice with the installation of fire protection systems.

Fire prevention and inspection courses may be included in your fire protection training as well. Through these courses, you may learn about a range of fire prevention methods as well as fire escape plans. This type of course may even teach you how to create and evaluate fire escape plans for both businesses and residences. Sometimes these courses also cover such topics as building codes and building safety inspection standards. You may also learn about fire retardants in this type of course.



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